PROTO-X Add-on

PROTO-X Add-on

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Technical Specifications
Length: 4.5 cm
Positions: 81
Width: 3.3 cm

Create your own main port add-ons using this easy to use board.

Reminder: some assembly required! This add-on requires a soldering iron to use effectively and also needs the 11-pin stacking headers.

This design was inspired by those handy little perforated prototyping boards that are sold by RadioShack. We actually use these ourselves to come up with future products, and we've found that these work especially well with magnet wire or 28-30 gauge solid core hookup wire.

Features Include:

  • 9 Rows x 8 Columns = 72 holes spaced 0.1" apart, just like standard breadboards.
  • Easy access to all of the signals on BoardX Motherboard's Main Port + extra power and ground locations.
  • Labels on top and bottom.